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Mind full or Mindful?


“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”



What I can offer

Delivered Mindfulness sessions

45-60 minute workshops, in a seated group atmosphere

Basic concept of mindfulness

How to practice it

Why it works

Samples of everyday useful techniques to include the chance to practice the skill of mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness Walks

"Escape into Nature" 

Celebrate, enjoy and deepen your connection with the natural world around us. 

Pausing in the moment to notice the beauty of the environment.

Mindfulness meditation included.

Walks can be arranged in your area please contact me directly for further details

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Bespoke sessions

(upon request)

Private well-being appointments available

Village hall monthly sessions

Current active locations 2022

Vicars Cross Community Centre, Chester

Rossett Village Hall, Station Road

Bradley Village Hall, Wrexham

Delamere Community Centre

Corwen Pavillion

Pant Memorial Hall, Oswestry

Corporate Workshops tailored to suit your company/business needs within the workplace

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Join me?

Where you can learn to develop the skill of paying attention to the present moment - to your own thoughts and feelings, and to notice the World around you. This in turn will help to cultivate a much calmer and peaceful approach to life, and a positive manner.

I have my own unique style of delivery in the form of fun, yet informative sessions, and my aim is to share techniques that can be used in ‘everyday life’.

Studies have revealed that ‘mindfulness meditation’ practiced over a period of time has proven results that have astonished neuro-scientists, who have discovered actual changes to the brain’s grey matter.

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About Me

Hello, my name is Amanda and my journey into mindfulness began over eight years ago. Having taken voluntary redundancy, after working for over twenty years in an education setting, I decided to embark on a whole new subject area that had always been a keen interest of mine.

Initially I attended an eight-week intensive course, which served as the perfect introduction into the practice of mindfulness meditation. I was completely hooked! From thereon, everything changed for me and my approach to things that were happening in my life changed dramatically – I began to realise that my reaction to everyday situations wasn’t always positive. It felt that I now had the opportunity to step back and view things differently, and it worked. Life is still just as busy, but I am no longer judgemental with my thoughts over things beyond my control.

I have continued my research and development by attending many retreats and several hours of teachings. I have also attained accredited training. The natural progression for me is to share this passion and skill with others, hence starting my own business in  March 2017, and I have delivered over 1000 workshops to a variety of different audiences to date.

I write all my own material which is based on my own experiences and the basic concepts of mindfulness, offering people the chance to experience a meditation alongside guided information. It’s important to me that people leave my sessions with useful techniques to apply to their everyday life.

It has been most rewarding watching my village hall groups flourish, and I have made many wonderful friends along the way. Alongside this, I have taken my sessions into corporate settings, large and small - and this has proved an invaluable experience, with lots of positive feedback. I am really enjoying delivering my workshops to a variety of audiences.

I am now offering "Mindfulness Walks" too and I have thoroughly enjoyed taking groups and individuals for an escape into nature.

I view the practice of ‘mindfulness’ and mediation as an ordinary way of living your life in a less complicated way. In turn you can help develop a much calmer approach to everyday situations and live a more peaceful existence.

‘Life is precious – always be kind to yourself and to others’.



January 2019

"I invited Amanda in to talk to my team as part of our CSR training programme. Some members of staff were sceptical beforehand, but everyone was able to find a positive outcome."

Corporate Social Responsibility Mindfulness Session

February 2019

"Thanks for a great mindfulness session - I slept really well last night after it! I can't wait for the next one."

One-to-one Session

March 2019

"I didn't really know what to expect, but I came away from the session feeling much more informed. It really has changed my outlook on life."

Women's Institute Group Session

April 2019

"I really look forward to our monthly meetings - as always a very thought-provoking session, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Amanda's enthusiasm always shines through."

Monthly Village Hall Session

August 2019

"I look forward to these sessions. Lots of practical ideas to put into practice to enjoy life and not waste time worrying about the 'what ifs', finished by some lovely meditations just to relax."

 Ladies Business Enterprise Group

October 2019

"This has had a huge impact on me. Although I have been very successful in my life, up until now I have struggled with anxiety. I'm now practising mindfulness as often as I can, and learning to enjoy each given moment."

One-to-one Session

June 2020

Amanda has been a great source of comfort and support to me during the lockdown, sharing useful tips via email and even phoning me for a chat on a couple of occasions. She was there for me when I really needed someone.

Lockdown feedback from Village Hall client

July 2020

I found Amanda’s personal lockdown meditation really helped me to focus on the present moment, taking me away from all the overwhelming uncertainty I faced everyday.

She kept in regular contact offering her support whenever I needed it.

Private client

August- September 2020

As soon as I met you it felt like I had known you a very long time and I could really just be myself.

 The sessions have made me feel like a "human being" and not just a number. I didn't feel judged by the group for having a disability.

Young disabled client

December 2021

" You spoke right to my soul" and as if you knew me and my reason for attending.
I came away feeling very positive and with the tools to enable me to cope a little better with the stress and anxiety I have been feeling.

Attendee at a resource centre funded session


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